NeoMedica Phoenix NCC-3300

Phoenix NCC-3300 is new designed 3-different model of Neomedica’s automated hematology analyzers, user oriented, easy to use with sophisticated software combined with large 10,4″ touch screen.

High performance analyze of Phoenix NCC-3300 display 24 parameters hematology report with 3 histograms in just 60 seconds and print result on quiet, fast inbuilt thermal printer. Advance electronics based on stable Linux operation system, combined with precise mechanic, ensure reliable hematology results. Cyanide-free reagents with improved formula allows low consumption, cost efficient and minimal maintenance.

  • Principle : Electrical impedance method for counting, HGB: Photoelectric colorimetry
  • Parameter: 3-part differentiation of WBC
  • Detect parameter as follows:



  • Mode: Whole blood, Capillary, Prediluted
  • 24 parameters including 3 histograms (WBC, RBC,PLT)
  • Working mode: Double counting pathway and independent HGB detection system
  • Sample volume: Whole blood 10μL, Pre-diluted 20μL
  • Dimension of aperture: WBC: 100μm, RBC/PLT: 68μm
  • General Throughput:60 sample/hour
  • 24 hour/day running continuous
  • Auto stand-by
  • Easy data back-up and system upgrade by USB
  • Storage: Up to 100000 sample results including histograms
  • QC mode: L-J, X-R, X-B
  • Calibration mode: manual calibration and auto calibration
  • Linux operating system
  • High Quality touch screen: 10,4″ LCD large LCD screen with touch function
  • Dilution ratio: WBC/HGB    RBC/PLT

Whole blood       1:232                1:0000

Capillary blood   1:400               1:45000

  • Power supply: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Interface:RS232 interface, standard network port and USB, integrates graphic thermal printer Parallel port and USB for external printer, 8 report formats
  • Alarm and warnings: Reagent empty, Waste full, Reagent temperature abnormal, etc
  • Dimensions: 330x440x540mm (WXDXH), 25kg

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